Sunday, October 25, 2015

Photo Plus Expo

Thank you ArtToFrames for exhibiting my art work at PhotoPlus Expo !

Came by to say hi to broncolor at PhotoPlus Expo today in New York
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Deep blue

New lipsticks from La Splash cosmetics. Flower crown and meow crown from flowerchildrenonly


Trick or treat

Tea Party

Kiev, Ukraine.
Props and idea - Chervona Vorona
Model - Kristina Chii

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today we're going to meet Doc and Marty McFly
Сегодня мы встретим Дока и Марти Макфлая

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Art to Frames & Photo Plus Expo!

I am happy to announce that I’ll be appearing at PhotoPlus 2015 in New York and showcasting my art work in collaboration with Art To Frames !
Visit us at Booth #1013 on October 23d and come say hi!:)

Learn more about the event and register for free 3-day pass!

Friday, October 16, 2015

I believe in Mermaids

1. I believe in Mermaids tank top - Hot Topic
2. Mermaid leggings -
3. Silver platform sandals - Forever 21
4. Diamond bag - TomTop

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Flower Power

New Broncolor post for Gen NEXT
Read here

Most of my portfolio are images from my personal art projects, collaborations and workshops. But I also do private commissioned photoshoots from time to time. I try to work with people who have same vision and sense of beauty. The best results can be achieved if the client fully trusts your taste. But I always take all requests into consideration and we agree on all the details together. Sometimes I come to everything already set up, sometimes I create and develop the idea entirely from scratch.

This was one of those times. The girl’s name is Jenny O'Connell. She is an actress from New York. I met her this spring and she wanted to do something mystic and beautiful like out of a fairy tale. She wanted me to take care of the whole process because she trusted my judgment and loved my work. And that’s when I knew we would do a great job together. She had two options in her mind: a light flower theme and a dark mysterious one. After some consideration we decided to stick to the first one. There was a lot of discussion about the outfit, make up and color scheme. We definitely wanted to do a flower headpiece or a crown.

We decided to wait for the summer and search for a location. And that was a tricky one. New Yorkers are usually car-less people and most of the beautiful locations are out of the city. We already set the photoshoot date, booked a makeup artist and a hairstyle person, but the location was still a problem. Literally a couple weeks before the shoot I came up with a great idea to do huge paper flowers as a set. Everybody loved it. Location didn’t matter anymore, we could shoot in any city park.

To help me with making flowers I asked my friend Yana. We have quite an interesting story. She is from Ukraine as well. She is a photographer, stylist, decorator and just a very talented girl. She moved to the US with her family just 4 days before I did. I’m so lucky we now live in the same city and can work, collaborate and create together. In 2 weeks we picked up materials and she made those huge paper flowers and a crown.

The photoshoot took place in Prospect Park. It was pretty dark there because of the trees but some bright sun light was still shining through. That’s where my loyal companion, the Move 1200 kit, came to the rescue. I used one MobiLed flash head with a silver umbrella to soften harsh shadows from the sun. When it became darker, I used it as a continuous light because it’s less intense.

It was quite an interesting and fun experience to work with client on location and use professional lightning equipment. Move 1200 is just designed to shoot outdoors.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

VP Fashion

I never wore hair extensions in my life. I'm pretty satisfied with my hair length but I always wanted some extra volume. Thanks to beautiful human hair extensions from @vpfashion now I can be a real mermaid! They are sooo thick. I dyed them with @manicpanicnyc and still need some skill to style with my hair, but hey... My husband said I became smaller :)) I wear 24" and you still can see my real black hair underneath. Use code "anita01" to get a $10 coupon off!

Никогда не носила накладные волосы. Я вполне довольна своей длиной, но они тонкие и всегда хотела больше обьема. Но теперь благодаря трессам от @vpfashion из натуральных волос я настоящая русалка!:) Их тааак много. Я их выкрасила под свои волосы маникпаником и надо еще научиться укладывать, но блин... Муж сказал, я стала меньше :))На мне заколки 24 дюйма и все еще видно снизу мои настоящие черные волосы. Можете использовать код "anita01" для скидки $10.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Black lips

1. Skeleton t-shirt - Iron Fist
2. Denim Vest -
3. Patent leather Boots - Dr. Martens
4. Patent leather Lips bag -
5. Skeleton tights -
6. Rings & tooth chocker - Rouge&wolf

Monday, October 5, 2015

Middle earth joгrney

1. Chiffon asymmetric sundress -
2. Denim cropped chained vest - Newdress
3. Leaves gladiator shoes -
4. Headpiece & leaves ring wrap - Wren & Glory
5. Leaves belt - Dressgal