Monday, November 16, 2015

Moon thief

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My first experience with the Balloon Lightshaper was about two months ago. I was just testing it in my apartment and having fun doing a self portrait. This time I decided to continue my Moon series and do a real photoshoot with a model and on location.

The model is my good friend Yana Bobrikova who helped me to create paper flower for my last Gen NEXT project Flower Girl.

I started with drawing a sketch. Sketches help me not to forget the idea, better picture the whole composition and think over all the details.

We went to a lonely beach not far from our house, waited for the right time of sunset and after that we had only few minutes until it got completely dark. I used my Move 1200 kit with two MobiLed flash heads, one attached to the Balloon and the other one was on the stand to the model’s right. It was crazy windy so I couldn’t use any reflectors or umbrellas. The light turned out a little bit harsh so I had to soften it during further postproduction. The "pieces" that fell off the Moon were created with cell phone lights.

I often work in such extreme conditions and it was another great experience. I’ll probably continue my Moon series in future.



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