Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Butterflies in my stomach

Butterflies in my stomach. Self-portrait.
Using @broncolorusa new RFS 2.2 transmitter and Move 1200l

Butterflies in my stomach - is an anxious and nervous feeling inside yourself (inside your stomach). This image is metaphor of dealing with stress, anxiety and releasing my inner bugs. I've had issues with dark thoughts and depression for the past couple of years and this image represents my attempt to reconsider my life and to be reborn into a new person.

Here's a little making of and editing timelapse. 3,5 hours in 3,5 minutes!

Equipment used:
♡ Broncolor Move 1200l battery pack
♡ 60 x 60 softbox
♡ Broncolor new RFS 2.2 transmitter

Music by Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Lobby

The "Butterflies in my stomach" video time-lapse has already reached over 140k views on my Youtube channel, was featured on PetaPixel and BoredPanda and so many people contacted me about featuring which is amazing!
When posting new work and now more Youtube videos I'm always insecure if they are good enough and how people will react.
Thank you guys so much for all support and lovely comments! I'm not able to reply everybody but I appreciate it a lot. For me your feedback is the biggest inspiration!
Мое видео "Бабочки в животе" уже набрало более 140тыс просмотров на Youtube, было опубликовано на PetaPixel и BoredPanda и я получила кучу имейлов о разрешении на публикацию. И это замечательно!
Каждый раз, когда я выкладываю новую работу, а теперь и видео, я не уверена, что оно достаточно хорошее и как люди отреагируют. Спасибо большое за поддержку и ваши комментарии! Я не могу ответить каждому, но я очень ценю это. Ваши добрые отзывы - самое большое вдохновение для меня!
С любовью, Аня